Here at Manhattan Dental, we offer a complete range of dental services and procedures. We can enhance your smile through whitening (Zoom and Enhanced Home Whitening), porcelain veneers, or Invisalign. If you are suffering from tooth pain, jaw pain, bad breath, loose teeth, bleeding gums, or a poor bite, our team is here to help. No matter what your concern is, we take the time to properly evaluate based on your personal situation. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. We look forward to providing you with the comprehensive care you deserve!

Below are just some of the many services and procedures we provide regularly to our patients - with a gentle touch and stunning results.

Cosmetic dentistry

In the past decade, there has been a dramatic upswing in public consciousness surrounding cosmetic dentistry. We all realize that having a healthy, bright smile enhances our appearance and allows us to smile with confidence. Thanks to the advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, we are able to improve your teeth and smiles with quick and painless treatments. We offer our patients the following procedures:
  • Tooth whitening
  • Invisalign
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain inlays
  • Porcelain onlays
  • Porcelain crowns (caps)
  • Porcelain fixed bridges
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Teeth are susceptible to decay, infection and breakage. Through improved techniques and modern technology, we are now able to offer more options for restoring a tooth to its normal shape, appearance and function. Restoration treatments include:
  • Composite fillings
  • Amalgam fillings
  • Inlay restorations
  • Onlay restorations
  • Crowns (caps)
  • Fixed bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Dentures and partial dentures
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Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease attacks the gums and bones that support the teeth. When plaque and calculus are not removed, they begin to destroy the gums and bone. Periodontal disease is characterized by red, swollen and bleeding gums, and comes in different forms, including:
  • Gingivitis
  • Chronic periodontal disease
  • Aggressive periodontal disease
  • Periodontal disease relating to systemic conditions
  • Necrotizing periodontal disease
Depending on the severity, we will be able to offer different treatments. 
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Cleanings and prevention

As a patient with Manhattan Dental, you'll receive a personalized preventive program to ensure a lasting, healthy smile. This is a cooperative effort by the patient, the dentist and the dental staff to preserve the natural dentition and supporting structures by preventing the onset, progression and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions. Your prevention program includes:
  • Dental exams 
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Home care
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Additional dental procedures

Dr. Donald Burger has gone above and beyond the accepted standard in dental care with advanced training and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of various dental conditions. He is highly qualified to perform and help with the following:
  • TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) dysfunction
  • Sleep apnea appliances
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding and jaw clenching)
  • Tooth extractions  
  • Root canal therapy 
  • Non-surgical gum treatment
  • Laser Therapy
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Dental procedures in New York
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