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“I’ve been visiting the office of Donald Burger for the past 20 years. He and his staff are unparalleled in their care. Dr. Burger’s attention to detail, technique, talent, and, dare I say, ‘artistry,’ is without equal. For anyone with complicated dental issues as a result genetics or chronic illness (in my case, diabetes), Dr. Burger and company are the dental team you want in your camp.”
– Robert F., customer since 2000

“I always love coming to Dr. Burger’s office! The space is clean, quiet, and calming. Dr. Burger and his hygienists and office staff are top notch. I have had multiple cleanings and fillings done here, as well as treatment for my TMJ issues. Dr. Burger made me an orthotic that has been extremely helpful in reducing my jaw pain and clicking. He spent so much time with me perfecting the orthotic and fitting it to my mouth; I was really blown away by his attention to detail. I highly recommend this dental practice!”
– Danielle W., customer since 2014

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Burger for many years, and prior to, a patient of his father. I have nothing but absolute confidence in the treatment I’ve received and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Dr. Burger’s entire staff goes out of their way to make it a pleasant experience.”
– Joyce G., customer since 2000

“I rarely visit the dentist as I don’t have insurance, and when I do, it’s only due to an emergency. My experiences with dentists haven’t been stellar in the past (as few as they were), since everyone I visited was all business and apparently in a hurry. However, I found Dr. Donald Burger and his staff to be very pleasant. I was also very pleased when Dr. Burger made it his business to educate me on proper oral care, complications, and recommended producers (something I NEVER received anywhere else). Every question and concern I had was answered, and he was very helpful when it came to recommending me to an oral surgeon.

“I’ve only been there once, but Dr. Burger has so far proven to be the best dentist I’ve ever had. I have zero hesitation about going back there and, for me, that’s a huge plus.”
– Jamel P., customer since 2015

“I have been a patient of the practice since 1972, when Dr. Donald’s father, Morton, was at the helm, and I never thought it could improve. But it did under the current Dr. Burger! He is an amazing dentist: smart, kind, charming, and funny too. The hygienist is every bit as careful, diligent, and friendly, as are all staff members. The technological aspects of the practice are top-notch. I wonder if I would have a full set of teeth if I had been with another practice!”
– Victoria H., customer since 2000

“Dr. Burger offers remarkable insight, sophistication, knowledge, and skill, while at the same time brings an enormous amount of warmth and personal connection. You feel like you have a personal relationship with him that goes beyond the usual doctor-patient relationship. I have already highly recommended him to people I know.”
– Jeff S., customer since 2015

“I feel at home at Dr. Burger’s office. Dr. Burger and his staff always put me at ease and I am actually excited to go to the dentist now. Dr. Burger is a believer in educating the patient and I actually learned a lot of oral and dental health. The knowledge really helps me to stay on top of my treatment and keep up good dental hygiene habits.”
– Katherine G., customer since 2014

“I was desperate to fix my TMJ syndrome. I went everywhere in Fairfield County, since I live in Connecticut. I had no luck other than having mouthguards made, which was not only uncomfortable but also did not fix the problem. I googled and found Dr. Burger and thought I’d give it shot since he had some good reviews on TMJ. I was very pleased with the result and his knowledge in TMJ. For the whole time I was wearing my mouthguards on my top teeth, he had it made for my bottom teeth instead for certain reasons to fix the TMJ. I like that my mouthguard is barely seen when worn and it has dramatically changed the way I feel in the morning when I wake up. My jaws don’t click and hurt anymore and my ears stopped ringing and amplifying my voice. Thank you, Dr. Burger! You solved my problem!”
– Anonymous verified customer

“Everyone in this office was nice, friendly, and willing to take the time needed to answer all of my questions. The office is meticulous and the music playing was very pleasant. Dr. Burger is a talented and knowledgeable dentist who took the time to explain all of the options for treating my TMJ problem. I will be recommending Dr. Burger to my friends and family! I actually look forward to going back to the dentist!”
– Danielle W., customer since 2014

“Dr. Burger is still the kind of dentist/doctor we all believe a doctor should be. Not only is his work impeccable, but he absolutely cares, and treats people in a gentle, kind manner. I used to fear dentists in the past, and had the kind of experiences that made me stay away from them for many years until I met Donald Burger. From the minute you walk into Dr. Burger’s office, his staff is great, everyone is professional and you can’t wait to come back. I would not think of another dentist, no way, no how. :)”
– Charlotte F., customer since 2000

“My entire family has been going to Dr. Burger since he opened his practice (indeed, I was a patient of his father). He is an all-around great dentist, who is committed to continuing education, and using advanced technology and approaches. His chairside manner is exemplary. He takes the time to explain the problems, the options, the techniques, and does so in a way easily understandably by a layperson. Finally, he is a helluva nice guy who is always friendly, open, engaging, and funny.”
– Clifford S., customer since 2000

“Dr. Burger provided clear and detailed explanations of the treatment options available and has been unstinting in his careful review and considerations of both my treatment choices and cost consequences, seeking to provide a balance between optimal outcome and affordability.

“Because I was on vacation and not pressed for time, in addition to my regular cleaning from the charming Karin, Dr. Burger was willing and able to skillfully take care of several items on my dental care ‘to-do list.’ Yes, I was there for nearly three hours, but the care and competent work was excellent. And although the gum surgery was extensive, it was performed so well, that two Aleve more than compensated for the any discomfort after the Novocain wore off. No problem directing and calling a dance class later that day!!”
– Gordon C., customer since 2000

“Prior to meeting Dr. Burger, I hated going to a dentist. I was afraid of all of them. I had only one assessment: they ‘hurt.’ After my mouth blew up and I had no option, I reluctantly agreed to go to a dentist.

“I bless the day I met Dr. Burger, I felt so lucky: not only did I go one time, but I proceeded to get ALL my work done. Dr. Burger is by far the best, highly skilled, and very kind. Everybody should be treated like he treats a person. THE BEST. He is the ultimate mentch = real class :) If I could give him six stars, I would.”
– Charlotte Friedman

“Excellent. Some reasons why Dr. Burger is so outstanding: newest equipment and technology which enables problems to be diagnosed sooner and then less expensive and serious. Procedures are never painful with Dr. Burger’s handling. Dr. Burger explains the cause of the dental problem so he can cure the problem rather than just treat it so it might occur again.

“Outstanding dentist because he diagnoses the cause of the dental problem as opposed to just relieving the pain. He has the most up-to-date equipment, which enables him to see a problem sooner before it develops more. His treatments are never painful! Who could ask for more?!”
– Janice M., customer since 2008

“As a person with a long history of dental phobia, I find it very difficult to go to the dentist for any reason. However, Dr. Burger does an excellent job, and because I trust his professionalism, I am able to get through an experience that provokes anxiety with the least amount of discomfort possible. Dr. Burger shows his awareness of my feelings by explaining the various steps he is taking as he goes along, and I appreciate his high level of concern for my well-being. I would rate him as an excellent dentist!

“It’s hard to express how I feel about my experience with Dr. Burger, as I was coming back to him after a long absence of four years. I had a traumatic experience with a dentist when I was about 12 years old, and unfortunately, I am still very anxious and fearful. A few years ago, I fell back into a bad pattern of denial and delay about dental care, making the situation with my teeth even worse. In all honesty, I’ve been angry and resentful about the fact that this fear has not left me after all this time, as I am now a senior citizen. I was ashamed that I only called for an appointment because I was in pain. But Dr. Burger is aware of all this and takes the best of care when I see him. He encourages me to keep coming in, and he doesn’t make me feel worse about waiting for so long to make an appointment. During my visit, he did everything he could to make the treatment less stressful, including playing music when I requested that. He is a great communicator, and explains what he is doing as he goes along, which helps me feel less powerless in the chair.

“This most recent experience was one of my worst ever, in terms of my level of fear, as I had an abscess and needed a root canal done, but I trusted Dr. Burger and he got me through it. His assistant was very helpful as well. He is very professional in the way he works, and I notice that he keeps up with all the latest improvements in modern dentistry. He wants to do the very best for his patients, and I appreciate that. My intention now is to start over, and try to get on a good schedule of proper maintenance of my teeth in the future. So, all in all, I would rate this as an excellent experience.

“I chose Dr. Burger about two decades ago because of his expertise in working with patients who are extremely fearful, as I am. He has never failed me.”
– Jacqueline P., customer since 2000

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